Microsoft Corporation

Stock: MSFT

Rating: Buy

Author: Waleed M. Tariq


  • Microsoft was founded in 1975.
  • Microsoft is the top software company. One of the world’s most valuable firms.
  • Microsoft has a huge market share in gaming and mobile phones. Windows Mobile is utilized by HTC, LG, Samsung, and LG.


  • Microsoft Corporation has beaten analyst predictions 4 quarters in a row.
  • MSFT’s gaming initiatives have also paid dividends, and with the recent acquisition of Activision, the company will dominate the global game market.
  • Microsoft aims to gain a share of the Metaverse market with AR/VR solutions.


  • I am purely bullish on this stock with no cause for concern.

Specialized Clouds

  • Microsoft is introducing industry-specific cloud solutions like Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.
  • These industry-specific products and services helped Microsoft acquire high-value clients.

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure has boosted Microsoft’s revenue growth. Azure cloud could overtake Office productivity software as the company’s primary revenue stream by 2022.

Acquiring Activision

  • Gamers are buzzing about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. The $68.7 billion deal is the largest all-cash gambling acquisition. The sale won’t conclude until 2023, so there’s still much conjecture.

Microsoft, Metaverse, and Mesh

  • The gaming category will make up a large portion of Metaverse’s $800 billion business by 2024.
  • Corporate clients rely on Microsoft Office. When the company integrates its software and tools into new products, it gains a competitive advantage.
  • Mesh is interesting as a product since the manufacturer wants people to utilize it without any special equipment.


  • I anticipate the corporation creating long-term wealth for shareholders through strategic maneuvering and industry diversification.